Mike Block’s 30 minute HIIT Bootcamp

What is HIIT? High Intensity Interval Training is a training style that alternates short bursts of high intensity, all-out effort exercise followed by brief intervals of rest or active recovery. What people love about our HIIT Bootcamp is that it’s fast and very effective! You can squeeze an effective workout into 30 minutes and you get all the benefit of a an hour or longer workout. Not only will it help accelerate fat loss, improve aerobic endurance, increase lean muscle and it will cause your body to shed fat in much less time than “traditional” training.
Once the 30 minute timer starts, each participant will complete as many rounds of the customized routine as you are able. Mike carefully crafts each exercise to match what the student is able to do safely and effectively. If you want to try the most proven “short cut” exercise method without engaging in long, dedicated hours of exercise come try out this awesome class for just $20 and no membership required!

Classes happen: Mondays at – 8:30am
Wednesdays – 9:00am
Fridays – 8:30am
Call us to reserve your spot today!

415 758-0405